Versafix Pro MiniMac

"Packed with smart design, the Versafix Pro is a compact fixed blade/machete hybrid
that swings heavy with features. The weight-forward, skeletonized blade design
gives swift results with less effort while the Chizl'd blade finish offers a sharp
appearance. Forward jimping on the top of the blade gives grip when batoning, and
the high comfort handle means less fatigue and hot spots. The slender multi-mount
sheath has a push tab release for seamless deployment and re-sheathing."

  • Totallengde: 36.3 cm.
  • Bladlengde: 22.9 cm.
  • Blad: Blånert rustfritt
  • Full tange
  • Grep:Teksturert antiskli
  • Slire: Hardplast med clips

NB: 18 års aldersgrense


Produktkode: G3472

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