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San Fernando Sword

As eventual king of two kingdoms on the Iberian Peninsula, Saint Ferdinand is a celebrated figure who was eventually canonized by the church. Honoring this figure is the San Fernando Sword, by Marto. This man was once king of Castile, and eventually, also king of Leon, two kingdoms that now make up part of modern-day Spain. Ferdinand III also consolidated the Reconquista, which was the fight to retake European kingdoms back from Moorish occupants. His sword was blessedly simple, featuring cross-hatch textures that decorate both the grip and the crown-shaped pommel, while the guard features a crossbar that curls inward towards the blade, ending with leaf-figures and decorated with leaves and vines. San Fernando, also known as Saint Ferdinand, was once credited with stating that every sword should possess four values, good sense, strength, prudence, and justice. Whether the San Fernando Sword, by Marto has these or not is left to the owner, although it is unquestionably appealing, no matter what other qualities it claims to have.

Key Features:

  • Overall length: 100 cm. 
  • Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
  • 24K Gold Etchings Along Blade
  • Zamak Guard and Pommel

Vi har fått tak i et lagerparti originale Martosverd (og annet). 
Ved kjøp av flere Martoprodukter  gir vi deg 20% rabatt på alle!!! 

Marto - Espadas y Sables de Toledo

Luxery, high class Swords and Weapons from Toledo, Spain. 

Continuing the over 2000 year old tradition of the "Fábrica Nacional de Armas de Toledo"


Produktkode: LAMA-384

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